China Injection Moulding

Looking for a Plastic moulding company in the UK, manufacturing mouldings in China? Look no further than Source in Asia Limited.

Offering a High Quality Plastic Injection Moulding Service, Source in Asia Limited give their customers many years of experience and service in Plastic Injection Moulded Components manufactured in China, with expertise in the production of plastic components to the Automotive, Aerospeace, Water Filtration and Children Toy Industries.

Our pro-active approach developing relationships with customers, enables us to provide custom plastic moulding solutions to meet their specific requirements for both large and small projects.

Combining our in-depth knowledge and experience with our China Supplier Network, Source in Asia work with our customers to match their requirements and offer a full production package which includes:

  • Machine Capacity, 25T to 800T
  • Injection Moulded Components.
  • Insert Moulding.
  • Overmoulding.
  • 2 Shot Moulding.
  • Spray Painting and Chrome Plating of Plastic Injection Moulded Components.
  • Clean room Injection Moulding.
  • Laser Etching of painted Injection Mouldings.
  • Clean room assembly and packaging.

Using our Chinese Supplier Network, we can offer a High Quality, Cost Effective Service. Our experienced team in China speak English, so there are no language barriers and therefore Source in Asia our service offers our Customers:

  • Reduced tooling times to T1.
  • Reduced tooling costs.
  • Reduced Production costs.
  • Reduced time to market.
  • Effective Project Management.
  • Effective Quality Management.
  • So why not give the opportunity to quote for yor needs.

Some of the products we have supplied for our customers:

4mm Diameter Fire Extinguisher Safety Pins

8mm Diameter Fire Extinguisher Safety Pin

Water Cooler tap assembly

Plastic Moulded Filter Case.

Insert Moulded plastic spanner.

Automotive Air Vent Housing

Automotive Wheel Spatt.

Automotive Wheel Spatt.

Automotive Push Button Housing.

Automotive Push Button Housing – Chrome Plated.

Automotive Push Button Housing – ABS.

Automotive Push Button Housing – Anodised and Chrome Plated.

Plastic Blow Moulded Bottle

Plastic Blow Moulded Bottles.

Contact Us

If you feel that after viewing the above products of Source in Asia Limited, we may be able to help sourcing your products for you, please contact Source in Asia Limited at the information below. Please note, that this is only a small section of the products provided to customers.

Tel: Tel: +44 (0) 1772 460104