Injection Mould Tooling

Mould Tool Design

How far would you go to get the perfect tooling for your new production project?  When you come to Source in Asia, we can bring you the very best the Far East has to offer in terms of manufacturing materials and engineering expertise.  If you’re looking for high-quality plastic injection mould tooling at a great price, contact our team to discuss your requirements.  Or to learn more about this plastic forming process, and how we can negotiate with a panel of overseas suppliers on your behalf to find the best partners for your project, read on.

What is Injection Moulding?

As the standard manufacturing method for plastic items with complex shapes, injection moulding is used throughout a vast range of industries including furniture, consumer electronics, toys, sports equipment, automotive and aerospace.  With careful mould tool design, it is possible to set up an injection moulding process which will produce robust, precise and consistent parts over production runs numbering from tens to tens of thousands of pieces.

When plastic pellets are heated, they become soft and can be shaped as desired.  An injection moulding machine forces the soft plastic into a mould tool which gives it the required shape.  An injection mould tool is a bit like a cake tin; if the mould is damaged or misshapen in any way, any products which are produced will bear the same imperfections.  It is therefore vital to use a plastic mould tool which is made from high-quality material, and has been machined to exacting standards.  Getting this stage of the process right – and on budget – is critical to any manufacturing operation.

There are many different types of plastics which are suitable for this technique, with a variety of properties for different applications.  The moulding tools themselves are made from aluminium for small volume production runs, or more expensive steel when tougher components are needed for higher volume manufacturing.

How Source in Asia Can Help

East Asian factories have long been renowned for their ability to quickly produce high volume runs of manufactured products, and improved techniques and technology means they are now able to compete in terms of quality too.  Many of these have fine reputations among our contacts as injection moulding contractors.  All this experience and infrastructure means these companies can offer their services at highly competitive prices.  Our role is to connect you with partners who can offer the services you need, and to facilitate communication throughout the project.

We have access to talented designers who can produce CAD models and prototypes of injection tooling to your specification.  Or, if you already have designs in place, we can put you in touch with mould tool manufacturers who can offer great deals on tool manufacturing, with all the usual QA processes and safeguards in place.  Once your injection mould tooling has been completed and tested, we can help you ship it back to the UK, or help you by finding facilities in East Asia to handle the manufacturing stage promptly and efficiently.