Plastic Injection Mould Tooling

Here at Source in Asia, we are a UK-based company providing an extensive range of low-cost products manufactured in China and manufacturing services. As part of our services, we supply rapid, budget-friendly plastic injection mould tooling design. Injection moulding is one of the most effective ways to mass-produce plastic products or components. Our services benefit a range of industries, including but not limited to the aerospace, automotive, toy, and water filtration industries.

We work closely with our clients to create custom-made mould tool designs using the most suitable materials for each project, no matter how big or small. Our team combines their expertise and industry insight with our network of Chinese suppliers to create the best plastic mould tool for your project’s purpose and size of production. Whether you require Aluminium Alloy Mould Tools for small batch production or Steel Mould Tools for medium to large batches, we have the right solution for you.

Throughout the process, we eliminate unnecessary steps to produce our mould tools rapidly and efficiently, saving you both time and money. We never compromise on quality, as we always make sure your requirements are fully accounted for. We provide quality assurance, on-site discussions with partners, and bespoke project management to ensure effective project and quality conduct. Our customers receive T1, golden, and last off samples for reference, and we generate full measurement reports and quality information.

If you are looking for UK-based mould tool manufacturers, then your search ends here with Source In Asia. To learn more about us and to receive a no-obligation quote for plastic injection mould tooling, get in touch by emailing or calling 01772 466658 and we will be pleased to help you with your query.

Types of mould tools which can be supplied:

  • Aluminium Alloy Mould Tools. The best choice for low volume production, although in China most suppliers prefer to make steel tools which are toughened, giving value for money, should you require more parts.
  • Steel Mould Tools. Hardened and polished, hard wearing, for Production Tools with medium to large quantities.

What Source in Asia offer customers:

  • On site discussions with Chinese partners to ensure that customers requirements are fully understood and what has been quoted for, is what is being supplied.
  • Set up all Quality requirements, timescales, reporting procedures and all Project Management with English Speaking engineers.
  • On site inspection of the tool at T1 running, checking parts for dimensional and visual requirements, and to determine any tooling modifications and improvements, to bring the part up to a production status.
  • Ship T1 samples to the customer for information.
  • On site inspection and tooling completion, monitoring tool running, checking parts for any visual defects (i.e. flash, sinking)
  • Generate full measurement report, any other quality information required by customer (i.e. PPAP documentation, Appearance Reports etc) and golden samples for customer and supplier. Golden samples to be used for reference.
  • Customer to sign off documentation as part acceptance.
  • The tooling can be either then run in China to product parts or shipped back to the UK for production in UK.
  • If the tooling is coming back to the UK, the tool will be run on a small production run (500 parts) in China, to validate Production parts, and it will be preserved for shipment and packaged in fumigated wooden boxes.
  • Ship tools back to UK customer with last off sample, inspection documentation, and any other customer documentation.

Tel: 01772 466658.


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